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It’s hard to imagine something as large as a build managed by something as small as a smartphone. But just as a phone keeps our contacts, schedule, and communications in check, so too can it keep construction projects on time and on budget.

The best construction project management software supports seamless collaboration for each level of your organization. From the accountants that oversee the materials ordering to the laborers that report on the status of tasks, each team member needs to understand where the projects are and how to best move forward. 

Project management software for construction companies is how modern companies are growing with cloud-based integrations, automation, and unparalleled accuracy. After all, uniting the planning, building, and sales teams results in faster sales with fewer errors and costly redundancies.

Just as materials and productivity have changed thanks to technology, your construction project management process should too. This blog dives into four aspects of construction project management where modern software transforms the way people work—the office, the field, company documentation, and sales. Can your company scale more effectively by implementing construction management software? Let’s find out!


Construction Project Management Software For Accounting

Accountants play a critical role in the success of your construction company. They provide the financial services and support that help ensure the company’s financial health and stability as you grow. But, when it comes to day-to-day tasks like invoicing and payroll, a dedicated fiscal staff member can quickly become overwhelmed, and both the team and clients suffer as a result.

By centralizing accounting activities in a company-wide application, management software assists businesses in maintaining fiscal health before, during, and after the build. Better tracking, invoicing, billing, and ordering allow business owners to analyze the costs associated with construction projects, including labor, materials, and equipment. This helps you identify ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which can help the company remain competitive. The best project management applications for construction companies will be all-in-one, easy to use, and integrate with your existing accounting software, so you don’t miss any payments or receivables.

With the entire management team properly onboarded with construction project management software, you can expect a reduction in the amount of labor required by an in-office accounting team, meaning better sales and growth as you scale.


Project Management Software For Team Communication 

A gap in communication often translates to a gap in your cash flow. For example, of 400 large organizations polled, the average losses due to communication gaps cost a staggering $62.4 million annually, translating to losses of $37 billion in 2018.

The more builds you have on the go, the more tends to get lost. Getting the team on track is hard enough, but with multiple sites, goals, and projects in various stages, it can be almost impossible. It’s here that the best construction project management software assists in eliminating losses while boosting productivity through improved communication.

Excellent project management software will provide users with easy-to-use dashboards, real-time updates, and schedules forecasting the labor and time needed to accomplish critical tasks. Whether it’s builders informing site managers of a completed milestone or checking the status of deliveries and parts, strong communication channels mean less wasted time.

You don’t have to fit your communication style into the app, either. When the software is customized for your workforce and site, users company-wide can read up on the status of their projects while updating managers and team members on their individual tasks. Taken together, this means less time chasing down answers and more time working on getting the job done right—not to mention more confidence for the buyer as you can answer any of their questions with a quick look at your device.


Tracking Home Building Documents With Project Management Software

When the sales and office team (not to mention employees in the field) are working together, there is a net gain in customer confidence. This is most evident in the sale of the home, where the buyer’s needs have to match the build’s budget precisely. Faster, better sales begin with knowing the answers to any question that could arise during the sales cycle, and those answers lie in collecting the right data and documentation.

To guarantee that everyone is using the most recent version of construction documentation, the best construction project management software keeps your documents in a secure, central repository. This gives your entire team access to current document versions with cloud-based change notifications and 24/7 collaborative access from anywhere. For managing multiple vendors and sales leads, the value of centralized documentation can’t be exaggerated, especially as staff turn over or move on to new roles and take their experience with them.

A great home builder will understand their vendors as well as they do their clients. While the two parties may sound like they have different needs, proper documentation and project management software can easily bridge this gap. The complex tasks of time-tracking, budgeting, and scheduling shouldn’t hold you back—they should enable you to understand your business and grow.

From pre-build to sale, documentation is the foundation of successful scaling, and the right project management software can help you grow cost-effectively.


Project Management Software For Home Building Sales

Salespeople play a crucial role in generating new business for construction companies by promoting their services and products to potential clients. Supporting them with the best construction project management software is an excellent strategy for growing your construction business.

To manage clients’ expectations, solve their issues, and guarantee satisfaction with your homebuilding services, salespeople maintain continuing connections. If you use a personal calendar to manage these needs in your personal life, just imagine what software can do for your homebuilder sales team!

Salespeople find new business possibilities and cultivate connections with prospective home buyers. They provide information about the organization’s capabilities and experience, promote its services and goods, and respond to inquiries—but only if they are supported by up-to-date information from your field teams and office. Getting the right construction management software can help your sales team identify growth opportunities while ensuring accuracy in their communications, reporting, and forecasting.

An office team and a sales team can work together or against each other, depending on how you set up your processes. Accuracy and immediacy in tasks like contract generation, pricing, and rebate calculations can quickly turn a lead into a customer—if you can work together seamlessly.

When you want to eliminate fluctuations in pricing, uncertain sales statuses, and the stress of contract generation, implementing a robust construction project management tool might just spell the difference between a “cold” and a “sold” lead.

BuildBase is proud to be the premier digital tool for homebuilders. With integrations to your existing sales pipeline, we’re a one-click software solution for homebuilders that want to grow their business without introducing unnecessary friction.

With customizable forms, templates, intuitive dashboards, and a wealth of powerful integrations, our discovery team is ready to integrate Buildbase into your unique workflow to ensure we build your sales and team unity like never before. Get in touch with us today to explore how Buildbase can transform your build team!