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Backup Policy

Last Updated: July 2023

Backup Policy

Tech2.Build Inc. (“BuildBase“) performs routine backups of Customer Data. Therefore, this policy has been developed for the purpose of disaster and data loss prevention for Customers of BuildBase.

Data Loss Prevention

BuildBase will backup Customer Data on a 12 hour basis. At the request of the Customer via an agreement schedule, BuildBase may perform other periodic data backups and archiving. Any increased costs occasioned by increased frequency of data backups or redundancy of data archives are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Where applicable, it is the responsibility of each Customer to backup their own Data on their desktop/laptop computer on a regular basis, preferably on a weekly basis, to an external, offline device.


Data will be replicated and stored in redundant systems or data centers to mitigate the risk of data loss due to hardware failure, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events.

Access Controls

Access to the backups of Customer Data will be strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel to minimize the risk of accidental or malicious data loss. The Customer will not have access to the backups at any time.

Data Validation

Regular integrity checks and validations will be performed on backed-up data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of any loss, destruction, damage, or corruption of Customer Data caused by the BuildBase Systems or Services, BuildBase will, as its sole obligation and liability and as Customer’s sole remedy, use commercially reasonable efforts to restore the Customer Data from BuildBase’s then most current backup of such Customer Data in accordance with this policy. Customer shall be solely responsible for any costs of such data recovery.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The maximum acceptable downtime for restoring data and related services after an incident will be 24 hours. The RTO may vary based on the criticality of the data, the impact on any Customer and any Customer agreements. Efforts will be made to minimize the RTO through efficient backup and recovery procedures.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The maximum acceptable data loss, measured in time, will be 12 hours. The RPO will vary based on the importance of the data and the impact on customers. Efforts will be made to minimize the RPO through frequent and reliable backups.

Recovery Retention Objective (RRO)

The minimum acceptable data retention for backups, measured in time, will be 1 month. The RRO will may vary based on any Customer agreements.

Monitoring and Review

Regular monitoring and auditing of backup processes and systems will be conducted to ensure compliance with this policy and identify any potential weaknesses or areas of improvement.

This policy will be reviewed periodically to incorporate any changes in technology, regulatory requirements, or business needs. Any necessary updates or modifications will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

By implementing this Backup Policy, BuildBase aims to safeguard Customer Data, minimize the risk of data loss, and establish robust recovery points and objectives.