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What are we talking about? 

The Growing Crisis of Homelessness Among Children and Youth in North America.

At BuildBase, we strongly believe that every child deserves a safe, secure home along with the opportunity to grow into healthy and prosperous adults. We understand that the issue of child and youth homelessness is one of the biggest challenges that society faces today. We are committed to helping these children and young people escape homelessness and poverty by providing them with the support and resources that they need to create a better future.


Why is it important?

Child and youth homelessness is a serious problem in North America, and it’s important to talk about it because of how many lives it affects. Homelessness often creates long-term adverse effects on one’s physical and mental health, which can impact their ability to pursue meaningful education and secure future employment. In addition, homeless children and youth are more likely to be victims of violence and exploitation. Openly discussing this issue helps raise awareness of the problem and can inspire people to take action to help those in need. Thoughtful discussion can also prompt policy changes, such as increasing funding for shelters and other services and providing better access to housing and employment opportunities. Furthermore, discussing child and youth homelessness can help mitigate the stigma and discrimination they often face. This an important issue that needs to be addressed to ensure that vulnerable individuals receive the help and support that they need to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.


Who is it impacting?

There are many different types of homeless children and youth in North America. According to the National Youth Homelessness Survey, 20% of the homeless population in Canada is comprised of youth between the ages of 13-24. An estimated 25-40% identify as LGBTQ2S+, and 30.6% identify as Indigenous. LGBTQ2S+ homeless youth face unique challenges due to discrimination, lack of acceptance, and lack of resources. Indigenous and other ethnic minority homeless youth may lack access to culturally appropriate resources. The bottom line is: Youth of all backgrounds, orientations and identities affected by homelessness are likely to have mental health challenges.

Often, young children become homeless due to fleeing abuse and neglect; they may be running from an unsafe home environment or have been forced out of their homes. In these cases, they are in dire need of a safe and supportive environment.


How can you help?

If you wish to help the homeless youth in need, the first step is to identify a homeless youth team in your community. Reach out to them and ask what you can do to help. Donate your children’s outgrown clothes, or consider giving cash donations to help fund technology, education, and food programs. Raising awareness about homeless children and youth in North America is an essential step in taking action to support them. People can share stories and videos about the plight of homeless youth on social media, participate in events or rallies that support homeless youth, start fundraisers, write to their local and federal representatives, and volunteer with organizations that work with the homeless youth. All of these actions can help bring public attention to the issue and provide resources for organizations that work to improve the lives of homeless youth, ultimately making a difference in the lives of individuals and providing support to those in need.

It can be difficult to understand how and why homelessness is so prevalent across North America. This is the harsh reality: There are 700,000 homeless minors and 4.2 million homeless youths (under 24) in the US, and 40,000 in Canada. The circumstances leading to homelessness may not be the child’s fault, so it’s crucial to look for organizations that accept all children and youth regardless of their sexuality and ethnic background. Here is a list of organizations that can help:

  • Chew Foundation
  • Inn From the Cold
  • YMCA Calgary
  • The Mustard Seed
  • A Way Home Canada
  • Youth Without Shelter


How is BuildBase helping? 

Homelessness is a complex issue that affects people of all ages, but it’s especially difficult for children and young adults. According to the most recent statistics, an estimated 4.2 million homeless youths are in the United States. Unfortunately, they don’t have the option of going home, and the effects of living without one can last a lifetime.

Homebuilders, in particular, can make a difference. One of the ways we can work together to combat children and youth homelessness in North America is by partnering with local organizations, charities, and other agencies to provide affordable housing solutions. Homebuilders can also collaborate with local organizations to provide job training, education, and other resources to help homeless children and youth transition into self-sufficient living. By working together, we can help create a more supportive environment for homeless children and youth and help them achieve their full potential.

BuildBase works with the Chew Foundation to provide emergency supplies for homeless children and youths. The Foundation runs two campaigns: Fill A Box, which supplies presents to children in need and Stuff A Backpack, which provides free emergency supplies. It’s difficult for homeless youths to get the educational, social, and emotional supports essential for a healthy life, so let’s all do our part and help out in whatever way we can.